Your Estate Clean Out solution is S.O.S.

Do you need help processing an estate that is being held up because:

  • The relatives live out of state and do not have the time to complete the project
  • You are the executor of the estate and do not have enough help to get the job done
  • A hoarding situation exists with the property
  • You are moving or downsizing and need help eliminating excess possessions while trying to generate extra income and cut down on expenses

S.O.S. is your professional organizer in Raleigh and the Triangle area for clearing out, controlling clutter, organizing and managing an estate sale.

With one phone call, S.O.S. can eliminate the stress and headaches and coordinate the details for a successful estate sale and clean out.     This will eliminate the need for you to spend hours and hours of time away from your job or family to complete this tedious project.

When everything you pick up has a memory attached to it, the process of clearing out a home can take not only weeks, but months and in some cases years.  If relatives are unable to make quick decisions, the unoccupied home can deteriorate and cost the unsettled estate financially.

If you are moving or downsizing, it is more imperative for you to eliminate items you don’t need, want or use.   Moving is expensive!   Moving stuff you don’t need and haven’t used in years is a drain on your wallet.  When you move you will touch everything twice – once when you pack and again when you unpack.   Do you really want to look at those unused items twice or will those boxes be the ones you never open?    S.O.S. can organize and execute an estate sale to get rid of those unused items, generate income, and provide you with a cleaned out home ready to be put on the market.

S.O.S. will:

  • Handle the difficult, time-consuming task of preparing a home for sale
  • Quickly and easily sort and categorize so the items not wanted can be sold or removed
  • Set aside items to be saved or prepared for shipping
  • Plan and execute an estate sale

After a consultation and inspection of the property, S.O.S. will provide a written proposal and an estimate of the cost and possible timeline.

Benefits of using S.O.S. Estate Organizing Services:

  • Confidentiality
  • Identify, locate and list asset information and safeguard personal records
  • Avoid family chaos and confrontations with less stress for everyone involved
  • Save the estate money by completing the job quickly and efficiently
  • Provide creative solutions and trusted resources

S.O.S.’s goal is to build and maintain a trusted relationship with clients through competence, professionalism, patience and sensitivity to the situation.

A word about HOARDING…………

Dealing with a hoarding situation that you were totally unaware of can frustrate and completely overwhelm you and those relatives or others trying to help you.   A hoarding condition in a home can be very costly to deal with, extremely time consuming as well as a potential health and safety problem.   As a skilled organizer,  S.O.S. has worked with hoarders and dealt with “hoarding” situations in all levels of accumulation.

The next step is to call or email S.O.S. to make an appointment to eliminate the exasperation and aggravation that go along with cleaning out an estate.    Let S.O.S. start planning your estate sale today!

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    • Mental Clutter

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  • Are You Ready?

    When you are ready to discuss your organizing projects, contact S.O.S. for a personal one-on-one consultation in your home or office. Please complete the information on the Contact page or call 919-345-2846. From chaos to clarity simplify your estate for a stress free life!

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