Is your day a mess because you don’t know what to do first?

Does time get away from you so at the end of the day you haven’t accomplished anything?

Is your business running productively or are you sputtering along wasting time and money because of the disorganization taking over your office?

S.O. S. offers these organize services to help you develop a successful business:

  • Customize a filing system to match your style
  • Help with ADHD and chronic disorganization problems
  • Monthly maintenance of organizing systems and files
  • General office organization including space planning
  • Time management solutions


Does your company need an educational and entertaining presentation for your employees? Presentations by S.O.S. are tailored and customized to meet your group’s needs, from a 30 minute presentation to a 3 hour or half day “fun” shop. As an experienced and talented speaker, S.O.S. enjoys doing presentations that are professionally administered yet simplified to provide attendees with the tools and tips they can use immediately.

If your organization or group is ready for skills that will change their lives, check out some of the topics listed below. S.O.S. not only teaches easy to use techniques in a fun way, but she will motivate you to take action.

Examples of current S.O.S. titles:

  • Who Gets the Moosehead?
  • How to Lose 500 lbs. in a Week!
  • Ready to G.O. – Get Organized – Where to Start and How?
  • What Time Bandits are Stealing Your Day?
  • It’s your Choice – File or Pile – The Many Ways to File!
  • Are you a PPP? (Procrastinating, Perfectionist Packrat)
  • Introduction to Clutter 101
  • Downsizing – Moving to a Smaller Nest
  • Spring Clean Your Life
  • Is your Office Buried?
  • S.O.S. – What Do We Do With All the Photos?
  • Simply Organized! (2 to 4 hours)


S.O.S. can provide the help you need to organize your space to be efficient and comfortable. S.O.S. has experience organizing every room in the house from the attic to the basement. If you need help making decisions on what to keep and what to let go, S.O.S. is there with a patient, sensitive ear to listen to your concerns. Complimentary service is offered to all clients to remove items for a charitable deduction.

S.O.S. offers these services to help you organize and Declutter your home:

  • Organize overabundant attics, garages and basements
  • Arrange an easy move with professional packing and unpacking services
  • Provide project management services
  • Tackle the “B. D.” – before digital – photograph piles
  • Prepare for quick home sale with less clutter


When your loved one has passed away and you are left with the huge project of clearing out their former residence, it seems like a monumental project.

  • Where do you start?
  • What resources will you need?
  • How long will it take to go through every drawer, cabinet and closet?

When everything you pick up has a memory attached to it, the project can take not only weeks but months and in some cases years.

S.O.S. has successfully sorted, categorized and organized entire households after a death in the family. S.O.S. Estate Liquidation Raleigh NC can handle all the details of emptying a home and readying it to be sold.

Imagine coming into the home and seeing everything neatly organized so all you have to do is make the final decisions as to what you would like to keep and what can be removed.

S.O.S. offers these services to minimize the stress and maximize the results for the client:

  • Full or partial liquidations
  • Estate sales and online auctions through eBay, Craigs List
  • Clean out and de-clutter of entire property
  • Referrals for shredding, auctions, appraisals, and other services
  • Project Management of entire job


Life is constantly changing and it may be time for you or your aging parents to think about downsizing and moving to a smaller home or retirement community.

After 40, 50, or 60 years in a home, where do you start? Just thinking about it overwhelms you. How can you possibly make all those decisions as to what will go with you and what will have to be sold, given to relatives or donated.

S.O. S. has experience as a certified move manager to help alleviate the stress and frustration that moving causes. Whether you are planning a move or downsizing, S.O.S. can help you and your family by project managing the entire process or just helping with the organization of an estate sale.

S.O.S. offers these services to seniors and their families:

  • Age-in-place organizing – stay in your home as long as possible
  • Sort and categorize personal belongings for your move
  • Develop a floor plan for your new residence
  • Photograph and inventory items to be sold, donated and removed
  • Professional move-in and set up with no boxes left unpacked


S.O.S.’s goal is to help clients live their best life and with years of experience I have seen what clutter and disorganization can do to people’s lives. The effects of clutter can include stress, frustration, anxiety, constant worry, financial problems, health problem, and depression. Over the years I have worked with hoarders in many different situations. I get calls from family members or concerned friends who are worried about the situation and do not know what to do or where to turn. Hoarding is a serious situation and creates not only health problems but financial issues and personal relationship difficulties as well. Please contact me by email or phone if you have a serious hoarding situation and you don’t know where to start.


Are you embarrassed to let people in your home?

Is clutter affecting your relationship to others?

Do you have trouble making decisions about letting go of things?

Are you dealing with ADD or ADHD along with your organizing problems?

If you think you are the only one facing this problem today – you are wrong! A de-cluttering support group offers you the chance to change your life with support from others in the same situation. Just like losing weight or stopping any other addictive behavior, getting support from others in the same predicament can often be the best way to make a difference in your life. There’s nothing like talking with people who know exactly what you’re going through. You have the feeling of knowing you are not alone with your struggle. If you are drowning in stuff and it’s affecting your life in adverse ways and you are overwhelmed, frustrated and don’t know where to start.

Contact S.O.S. for information on the next group meeting.


Owning your own business is very rewarding but also very challenging because it’s all up to you -every piece of the business from marketing to doing the hands on work. I’ve been in business since 2002 but I still remember wishing I had someone to talk to before I jumped in. If you think you have all the skills to start your organizing business, but would like to speak with someone who’s been doing it for a few years, please give me a call and I’d be happy to speak with you. I do have a mentoring program and if you are serious about your goals, we can discuss this program when you call. Good Luck!

  • What do you need help with?

    • Paper Clutter

    • Stuff Clutter

    • Time Clutter

    • Mental Clutter

    Just click on the Services tab and find out how S.O.S. can help you.

  • Are You Ready?

    When you are ready to discuss your organizing projects, contact S.O.S. for a personal one-on-one consultation in your home or office. Please complete the information on the Contact page or call 919-345-2846. From chaos to clarity simplify your estate for a stress free life!

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Key Services

  • Business Organizing
  • Residential Organizing
  • Estate Liquidation
  • Presentations and “Fun”shops
  • Senior Move Manager
  • Decluttering Support Group