Cost of Disorganization

“ Sorry I’m late. I was buried in paperwork.”

“When was that project due?”

“I can’t find anything in this office!”

“Meeting? What meeting?”

“I’ll have to look for that and call you back.”

Sounds innocent enough, but disorganization can have a significant impact on your bottom line. How much is a disorganized, cluttered work environment costing you?

The average person on an average day spends 30 minutes to two hours looking for “stuff.”

What is that loss of productivity costing you in real dollars and cents? Use the example below and substitute your estimated “looking” time and what you are paying yourself or being paid by your organization.

The results may surprise you!


1 hour per day “looking for stuff” time x 5 days per week = 5 hours x $20/hr. = $100/week

A cost of $100 per week x 50 weeks = $5,000/year in “lost” time!

100 employees in a company @ $5,000 per employee per year = $500,000 lost to disorganization

Use the Cost of Disorganization calculator below and substitute the amount of time you spend looking for things and the amount you are paid per hour to see exactly what your clutter and disorganization are costing you.

The ‘Cost of Disorganization’ calculator is for personal use only.

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