June 6, 2013


How many times have you heard a person say, “If only I could get rid of more things.” It’s definitely tough throwing things away but it’s also painful living with so much stuff. Why do we get weak in the knees when it comes to discarding our stuff? Why does it take courage to let go of our unnecessary things?

Here are a few of the excuses people use when they just can’t part with something.

“I don’t have time to sort through my things.”
Just start by getting rid of one item. Remember the journey of a thousand miles begins with just a single step.

“Everyone has one, so it must be important.”
The new status symbol you are bringing into your life should be the thing you love. Don’t worry about what others have. Develop your own personal style and don’t worry about what others are doing.

“But it was a gift.”
Gifts are symbols of love. Keep the love and let go of the symbols.

“Ugh! It was a mistake.”
If you bought it and made a mistake, keeping it around for a long time won’t make it any less of a mistake. Either love it, use it or get rid of it. And don’t beat yourself up – everyone makes mistakes.

“I identify with my things.”
Possessions can become emotional appendages of one’s personality. Identify with things that truly identify you and let the rest go. You are defined by all that you have, including the clutter you can’t part with.

“I’ll keep it until I find someone to give it to.”
Put it in your donation box or bag and donate it to someone who really needs it. Don’t spend your valuable time— which is the only truly precious and irreplaceable commodity in your life— looking for someone to give it to.

If you would like to simplify your life and have more free time, remember the “one in, one out” rule. The number of items that come into your home should equal the number of items that go out. There must be a balance of old and new.

Have you ever used any of these excuses to hold on to a piece of clutter? Be honest with yourself and carefully decide what you want to keep in your life and what you want to take care of. Safeguard that precious commodity – your time.


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