Enough is Enough – Clean up the Clutter!

May 16, 2013

Enough is Enough – Clean Up the Clutter!
Over and over I have read about scientific studies that link clutter and disorganization to depression, anxiety, frustration, feelings of overwhelm and just general melancholy. Clutter has people telling me that they feel suffocated and weighed down. They find it hard to think and don’t know what to do first. The other comments I hear all the time are that they find it difficult to make decisions and they don’t know where to put things when they do decide to clean up.
The good news is ( and I have seen it happen more than once) when someone has transformed their thinking, made up their mind to change their situation, gone on to follow through with a plan, and achieved their goal of a simpler, organized life they can enjoy happier days.
Start by setting goals that are simple. Instead of throwing your coat on a chair, hang it up. Instead of putting the dirty dish in the sink (again) put it right in the dishwasher. Instead of leaving unopened mail piled on the table, open it and make decisions on where it goes. These are just simple everyday tasks that can lead to less stress. “Just Do It!” and piles won’t keep increasing.
You have probably heard the phrase, “when in doubt, throw it out.” Keep that in mind when clearing your clutter. If you’ve unearthed some paper or object you haven’t seen in a long time (years?) go with your gut feeling and eliminate it now. If you haven’t used it or needed it in all this time, please let it go.
When deciding to make a change, remember that it takes a while to change your habits. Old habits take a while to die. Please keep up the new habit until it takes the place of the old habit.
Eliminate the clutter and disorganization and hopefully you will eliminate the anxiety, frustration, overwhelm and melancholy and be on your way to happier, clutter free days ahead.

Don’t worry – be happy!


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