Use Goals to Declutter Your Life

April 11, 2013

Goals? Why are they important? Knowing what you want to accomplish can put you on the path to success in your organizing projects. According to a study from Virginia Polytechnic Institute, the most successful people not only have goals, but also write them down and look at them regularly. Setting a goal gives you direction and helps you focus on what needs to be done. If you don’t have a goal, you are like the child’s toy that goes along until it bumps into an obstruction and then it changes direction. You just wander when you don’t have a goal.

You can have many different goal lists. You can have one list for your daily goals (to do list), weekly goals, monthly goals, lifetime goals and career goals. These goal lists can cover every part of your life.

Start by writing down a list of goals and then pick one. Write down any life vision or thing that comes to mind. It doesn’t matter what the goals are — whether they are cute, impractical or ridiculous. Once you have taken the step to put them down on paper, you are closer to reaching that goal. Then once you have made your goal list prioritize it and pick the most doable goal first. Think about the steps it will take to reach that goal.

Have you tried a vision board to reach your goal? Make a collage by getting a piece of large poster board and some old magazines and use photos and words that represent the goal or goals you are trying to achieve. Focusing on an idea is sometimes easier to do when you can visually see what you think it will look like. Once you’ve completed the vision board, you can hang it where you will see it every day or put it away. You will be surprised that just doing this fun, simple activity will inspire you to start working on your goals – today!

What are your goals? Do you just think about them or do you write them down?


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