Eight Quick Organizing Tips for Spring

April 9, 2013

Eight Quick Organizing Tips for Spring

• Use the five second rule which says “do it now.” It takes less time to just do it now than to let it (plus the stress) pile up. “Do it now” whether it’s hanging up your coat or putting a dirty dish in the dishwasher.
• As you go about your shopping for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, ask yourself: Are you adding to someone else’s clutter? Buying a future yard sale item? Think about giving “consumables” – gift certificates, library memberships, or special experiences.
• If you have a hard to reach shelf or cabinet, use containers inside to easily get to the hard to reach spaces. You pull out the container to get what you need and then put it back. Think of this idea like the pull out shelves you see advertised but without the pullout shelf expense.
• If you have a basket of “spaghetti” electronic cords, bag seldom used adapters and small parts into snack-sized bags which can be easily labeled with a marker. Then find a container that will hold them all. When you need one you will know where to look.
• Set aside just fifteen minutes a day to straighten up and organize one area in your home. It may not seem like a lot of time but if you focus on what you are doing and do it every day you will see an impressive change in your surroundings. Use a timer so that you don’t need to be worrying about the time. Remember to focus on what you are doing.
• Use a hanging shoe bag with clear pockets over the back of children’s doors for toys such as Barbie dolls, hot wheels, and toy figures. The shoe bags are great in closets and bathrooms too.
• Are you always losing socks? Set up a lingerie bag for each member of the family. Give each person their bag with their own colored tie on the zipper. As socks are taken off, they can be put right in the bag. On laundry day, toss the bags in the washer and dryer and when they are done they can be returned to the appropriate person to put away.
• Let go of perfectionism in your life. You can’t spend infinite time on every activity to make it perfect. Accept the best you can do within a reasonable time limit. DONE is better than perfect.

What are your quick tips for an organized Spring?


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