The Gardener’s Guide to Getting Organized

April 3, 2013

Well hopefully winter is finally on its way out and soon we will all be enjoying a beautiful spring. If you like to garden, this is the time of year you enjoy most – planning your garden for the new season. It’s the time to pick out new plants and take care of the ones you already have.

Here are some comparisons between gardening and getting organized. I’ve spoken to garden clubs on this subject and its fun to highlight how similar they can be.

Organizing is definitely like weeding the garden. Stuff that you have that is crowding your home and your life is like crabgrass that chokes out the beautiful things – like flowers – and takes over. Deciding to get organized and eliminate some of the things that are clogging your life will help you better appreciate the beautiful things that can be buried under mounds of clutter.

Just like gardening, to create something beautiful you have to get your hands dirty. You have to stop avoiding the “room that no one goes into,” put on your old clothes and maybe even some gloves and open the door and start weeding through your collection of clutter so you can find the “flowers” you want to use and enjoy. When you are gardening you have to prune away the old growth to make room for the new. Pick up the items in that room – one by one and make those tough decisions. Does it stay or get donated or sold to someone else who will treasure it just as much as you once did.

Half the fun of gardening is seeing what the squirrels have planted. Half the fun of clearing out a cluttered space is seeing what treasures you will find. It’s like Christmas, only you may have to remove some of the dust from the buried items before you can enjoy them. Perhaps you may actually find Christmas presents that you lost of track of and never gave away.

If you plant a seed before the ground is ready, it will shrivel and die and the same is true of organization. Before you start your project be sure you are ready with the right tools and equipment whether it is folders and post it notes or garbage bags and rubber gloves. Being ready will help the process go faster and smoother.
Enjoy your garden this year and an organized home too!

God made rainy days so gardeners could get the housework done. 
-Author Unknown


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