Clutter and Disorganization: Paper Chaos in the Office – Part 2

March 27, 2013

Clutter and Disorganization: Paper Chaos in the Office – Part 2

Hey – welcome back for Part 2 with lots more information on organizing your paperwork.

Once you complete the sorting process and take care of all those postponed decisions, I’m betting there will be a big pile in the “file” box. Now anyone can go through their files to file things away, but the hallmark of a good filing system is being able to keep track of your documents for easy recovery where and when you need something.

Other ideas to help you with those paper piles:
• Create a vision or plan and set up time to implement the systems you have developed to change your situation.
• Keep bills in a separate folder and pay them on time.
• Get a large waste container for your office. It’s impractical to have a small decorative waste basket to compliment you office décor. When it’s too small, throwing one thing away will fill it up. Then you have to empty it more often and you’ll be discouraged from throwing things away.
• Get in the habit of filling up the recycling bin with all the appropriate items that can be recycled.
• Use your shredder often – be careful of identity theft.
• Unsubscribe from periodicals and industry publications you never get around to reading. Subscribe to online e-newsletters and periodicals instead.
• Set time aside every day, or at least one day a week, to stay on top of your mail and filing. Once a month go through your files and purge the unread articles and unused “just in case” papers that you really no longer need.

Getting your paperwork organized can immediately reduce the stress in your office, will definitely save you money, and it un-clutters your space. Learn to be decisive and readily let go of the papers you don’t need to keep. Set up your goal to have a clutter-free environment in your office and never give up on that vision.

Don’t find yourself saying, “I’ve got to get organized!” again. Simplify and reach your goals with help from S.O.S.

What are some time saving tips you have developed for handling papers in your office?


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