Where Do I Put It?

May 22, 2012


Mail and papers are a huge issue that people face today.   One of the first things to consider when making a change in that situation is, “Where do I put it?”

Do you have an area set aside to handle all the mail and papers that come into your home each day?   A simple system to handle mail and papers can begin with setting up a central desk or work area to handle these items.  This idea can work well for you at home and in your office.   You’ll have to ask yourself some questions when deciding on a work area:

  1. Do you have space to set up a command center that will be able to hold your supplies, phone and a small desktop filing system?
  2. Is there enough space for your computer?
  3. Are there electrical outlets and a telephone jack?
  4. Will you be able to store at least some supplies near where you will be working?
  5. Do you have some space to write notes, letters and bills?

When your mail arrives:

  1. Use your command center as the area where you open and process all your mail. Have a recycle bin or trash can nearby.
  2. Don’t let it pile up! Set aside time each day when you process the mail.  If you can’t do it as soon as you get the mail, plan a time when you can.
  3. Make decisions.   Remember, postponing your decisions just means bigger piles later.

A desktop filing system should be set up in an area where you can quickly sort through the mail.   For one week categorize your mail and write down what those categories are.  You’ll need a file for items that need to go on your calendar, one for all the things you must discuss with your significant other, one for mail that needs action, and one to hold all the items you need for your “just in case” reference files.   Set up folders with those labels.   Don’t get too complex with this system and remember to keep it flexible.    If you notice that one or two folders are not being used as labeled, eliminate them.  If a file becomes too bulky, be sure to subdivide as categories become clear.  Life is constantly changing so don’t feel locked into a system even though changes have occurred.   Your mail can be managed.  This is one of the easiest and most rewarding steps to a simply organized life.

The key to dealing with paper is to work on it every day.   It often feels as though paper is a never ending flood coming into our home or office every day.   Be sure you remove your name from mailing lists and newsletters that you no longer use or need.   A huge stack of newsletters that you are “going to get to someday” is just old information that piles up around you.    Use the Internet to get up-to-date information that you need immediately.

Look forward to hearing from you as to how you deal with your paper piles – THANKS!

Corral the clutter, clean out the closets, and eliminate the paper piles.  You will feel better when you get organized and simplify your life.   Other benefits will show up in your life as you save money, time and space and your stress level will definitely decrease.


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